Last night had dinner with my roommate Yewon and her Asian friends. They made a vegetable dish we had with rice and I made Shepard’s pie. They really seemed to like it!! It is so interesting for me to interact with and see how other cultures different from my own operate. In my cross-cultural management class, we’ve learned about how Asian cultures tend to focus on collectivism and group harmony, while Western cultures are more focused on individualism and being self-sufficient. It is interesting for me to observe such theories in action…

I am getting really excited about going to New Zealand and am trying to stay focused on school. Just 2 more weeks until I go to the land of the kiwi’s for 10 days! 😀 I go to my internship today and I’m still thoroughly enjoying that.. I look forward to going every time!

Danni and I have been continuing our workout regime. We’ve had to change our route several times because there are these birds here called plovers (pronounced pluv-vas) ha and their really mean!! They swoop down and they have spurs attached to the end of their wings so they can potentially scratch you! We haven’t been attacked yet but we’ve had quite a few scares where we scream and run as fast as we can lol because they’re nocturnal and we usually go walking at night. It is funny to think about, I wish we had a camera to record us sometimes. Danni is the best friend I could’ve asked for. I’m so glad I met her. She has been so nice about picking me up from work when I need it and is always there to do me a favor. We get along very very well and I’m enjoying every minute of our friendship. She has certainly been my “rock” here in Australia 🙂

I’m getting excited because I was talking to Danni the other day and I got sad all of the sudden when I realized this would be the first Thanksgiving I would be spending away from my familia. I thought “oh my gosh, what am I going to do for thanksgiving?! What am I going to eat!?” So Danni decided we’re going to have a big group thanksgiving meal as a going away party for me (because her and her boyfriend John are leaving to visit his family in Norway November 26th) so that is the last time I’ll see them before I go home. Last night we were all sitting in John’s room and we made a long list of all the items we’re going to have (turkey, ham, broccoli-corn casserole, mash potatoes, yams, pumpkin pie, etc,) and so it’s going to be a big shindig if we’re planning it this far in advance! LOL.


This weekend we’re going to go hiking in the glasshouse mountains, about 15-20 minutes away from Sippy Downs. I’m becoming quite the outdoorsy one, aren’t I?! 😉 I know your all surprised!